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Joshua and a homeless man in downtown Fort Worth.
Book signing
Joshua, Mayowa Joshua and Dan Dang in Nigeria
Joshua and Crystal Holm
Handwashing in Nigeria
National Day of Prayer



As a Life Coach Joshua helps others pin point their goals.  He helps them build a road map and encourages them along the way.  The impact of achieving the goal, moving past something, or building that road map is very moving for all parties involved.



Joshua is a dynamic speaker who will motivate the crowd to do more than the norm. He has been motivated to take things that he can do to new heights.   Even though he may have limits in some areas, he makes his mind up to strive for excellence.  Joshua helps to show the importance of making your life count.



Army Troops in Iraq
Joshua in Iraq

Painting a picture of the struggles he endured and finding hope through them is what you are sure to find in his first two books.  Joshua has given many copies of his books away to warriors in aspiration of bringing hope to them.

Photo of Joshua in his braces, decorated w/ the American flag, full length.

Joshua L. Holm is a professional speaker, ordained minister, author, life coach, and combat veteran. Public speaking is one approach he takes to spread his message and seeds of hope to others. Joshua delivers life-changing, motivational speeches and seminars by sharing the testimony of his journey. The main turning point in his life came January 16, 2003 when he gave his life to the Lord. Then, in 2003-2004, Joshua served in Iraq where he suffered numerous combat-related injuries. Due to his wounds, he ended up in a wheelchair, where Joshua realized he allowed the realness of his injuries to cripple and crush all of his life goals, dreams, and aspirations. He began to reflect on his past, and he realized he had turned many stumbling blocks into stepping-stones, which gave him a passion that helped define his purpose. His relationship with the Lord fueled him to teach others how to overcome challenges and make their lives count. Joshua currently wears leg braces and lives with Traumatic Brain Injury due to his combat injuries.  He aspires to show others how they too can have freedom in all aspects of life, despite any circumstances, one step at a time.


Joshua has always had a heart for others.  His focus is others, so much so that he knew he couldn't help others the way he wanted to alone.  This caused him to start Steel Hope, a non-profit organization centered around helping others.   Their biggest project right now is Steel Freedom Ranch.


You will not easily forget Joshua.  The impact he leaves on anyone is undeniable.  He leaves you feeling encouraged and stirred, ready to take on the next task.  Joshua not only affects those directly around him, but his reach is also global, as he is also the founder of the NGO in Africa Steel Hope Foundation.




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Belinda Haddock,

Coms. Pastor Hope Church 

I would recommend Joshua L. Holm as a great speaker for any church or youth program.

Dave Roever,

of the Roever Foundation

His story is gripping and heartbreaking at times ... Joshua is a passion driven man of war and peace. America is better off because of him.

Anthony Pelella,

Author of The Bodybuilder 

His description of pre, during & post Iraq wartime draws a valuable picture that all Americans need to know!!

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