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Joshua L. Holm:
A Story of Resilience

Joshua L. Holm is a multifaceted individual—a professional speaker, ordained minister, author, life coach, and combat veteran—who inspires audiences worldwide with his powerful message of resilience and faith.


A Journey Defined by Courage

Joshua's transformative journey began with a pivotal moment on January 16, 2003, when he made a life-changing decision to embrace faith. Soon after, Joshua embarked on a tour of duty in Iraq in 2003-2004, where he encountered profound challenges that left him with serious combat-related injuries. Despite the adversity, Joshua's spirit remained unbroken.


From Adversity to Purpose

Joshua's injuries confined him to a wheelchair, challenging his life goals and dreams. Reflecting on his journey, he realized that past stumbling blocks had become stepping-stones, igniting a passion to help others navigate challenges and discover their purpose.


Inspiring Others to Overcome

As a member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) and someone living with Traumatic Brain Injury, Joshua understands the weight of adversity. His deep faith and personal experiences drive him to empower individuals to find freedom and fulfillment in all aspects of life, step by step.


Turning Adversity into Inspiration

Joshua is the founder of Steel Hope Foundation, a platform dedicated to helping others BE STEEL (Believe, Expand, Stand, Transform, Encourage, Enlighten, and Love all around the world. Through this initiative, Joshua has been instrumental in advocating for veterans and those in need.

Leaving an unforgettable impact

Encountering Joshua is an experience you won't soon forget. His presence is undeniably impactful, leaving you inspired and motivated to tackle new challenges. Joshua's influence extends far beyond those in his immediate circle; he has a global reach as the founder of the Steel Hope Foundation, an NGO based in Africa.

Through his engaging approach and inspiring message, Joshua empowers individuals to embrace resilience and take meaningful action. His influence is felt not only in personal interactions but also across continents, making a lasting impact on diverse communities.






Bring Joshua's inspirational message to your event or gathering. Whether it's a keynote address, workshop, or panel discussion, Joshua's presence will inspire and motivate your audience to embrace adversity as a catalyst for growth.

Joshua and a homeless man in downtown Fort Worth.
Book signing
Joshua, Mayowa Joshua and Dan Dang in Nigeria
Handwashing in Nigeria
National Day of Prayer





Through captivating speeches and seminars, Joshua shares the testimony of his journey, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. His mission is clear: to demonstrate that regardless of circumstances, everyone can embrace resilience and lead purposeful lives.



Army Troops in Iraq
Joshua in Iraq

Painting a picture of the struggles he endured and finding hope through them is what you are sure to find in his first two books.  Joshua has given many copies of his books away to warriors in aspiration of bringing hope to them.

Joshua served his country with honor and courage. During his military service, he faced life-altering injuries that left him paralyzed. Despite the physical challenges, Joshua's spirit remained unbreakable.


Belinda Haddock,

Coms. Pastor Hope Church 

I would recommend Joshua L. Holm as a great speaker for any church or youth program.

Dave Roever,

of the Roever Foundation

His story is gripping and heartbreaking at times ... Joshua is a passion driven man of war and peace. America is better off because of him.

Anthony Pelella,

Author of The Bodybuilder 

His description of pre, during & post Iraq wartime draws a valuable picture that all Americans need to know!!




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